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Epson S41 + 3300 Lumens Svga Usb Hdmi Vga Projector

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Price $406.25
Epson PowerLite S41+

PowerLite S41 + is the ideal projector for the business since several devices can be connected at the same time even wirelessly through its optional module. Provides a 100+ "screen with exceptional quality.

3LCD technology for clear, bright and colorful images. Its brightness of 3,300 lumens in color2 and 3,300 in white2 make it the best option. Its 800 x 600 pixel SVGA resolution is ideal for basic presentations. Its compact and portable design make it the best option for today's executives.

Excellent quality - SVGA native resolution (800 x 600 pixels). Ideal for basic presentations.

Wireless connectivity - For mobile devices via Epson iProjection.

Lamp lasting up to 10,000 hours3

Easy Adjustment Function - For faster installation like Quick Corner, which allows you to adjust the projection image easily and quickly.

Natural Experience - Colors 3 times brighter 1. 3LCD technology enables a more accurate balance between white and color light, for truly natural projections.

Price $107.00
Epson PowerLite S39 SVGA 3LCD

PowerLite® S39 es el videoproyector ideal para el segmento de educación. Brinda una pantalla de más de 100" con calidad excepcional.

La tecnología 3LCD ofrece imágenes claras, brillantes y llenas de color. Su luminosidad de 3.300 lúmenes en color2y 3.300 en blanco2 lo convierten en la mejor opción para aulas de educación bien iluminadas. Adicional ofrece una conectividad inalámbrica opcional la cual permite proyectar el contenido sin requerir cables.

Price $88.00