Play Station 4 Ps4 Pro 1tb with Technology 4K
  • Play Station 4 Ps4 Pro 1tb with Technology 4K
  • Play Station 4 Ps4 Pro 1tb with Technology 4K

Play Station 4 Ps4 Pro 1tb with Technology 4K

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The Ultimate PS4: Faster, More Powerful, and 4K Resolution *.
Winner of the IF gold 2018 product design award.

4K games and entertainment
Enjoy the most popular and exclusive PlayStation games in fantastic 4K resolution, and stream your favorite entertainment in incredible detail on 4K-compatible services.

Higher frame rate
Enjoy a higher level of immersion in the most explosive and fast-paced PS4 titles with the improved frame rate in a range of PS4 Pro-enhanced games, made possible by the added power of PS4 Pro.

Twice the power of PS4
PS4 Pro features a twice as powerful GPU as the standard PS4, so you can enjoy incredibly sharp graphics, smoother gameplay, and reduced load times in PS4 Pro-enhanced games **.

HDR technology
Enjoy more realistic and eye-catching colors and details in all aspects of your gaming experience when playing on an HDR-compatible TV.

4K games
Enjoy the latest games with the fantastic clarity 4K offers; skin tones become warmer, materials take on a more realistic texture, and environments come to life like never before.

Amazingly detailed graphics
With PS4 Pro, faces take maximum realism, curves get smoother, sharper corners, and visuals like hair, water, or grass come alive.

Bright and vivid colors with HDR
With an HDR TV, compatible PS4 games display a greater color gamut closer to the full spectrum that the human eye can appreciate, offering incredibly realistic and vibrant detail.

Stunning environments
Close-up details and textures, such as dirt and rust, are more intricate with PS4 Pro, while darker, cleaner shadows at greater distances offer a greater sense of depth in gaming.

Unbreakable immersion
The action is faster, smoother and more explosive thanks to a faster and more stable frame rate **.

FPS Boost: Locked
The frame rate is increased and locked in some PS4 Pro games.

FPS Boost: Target
PS4 Pro is aiming for a higher frame rate for certain PS4 games.

World-class entertainment
Stream the best movies, most popular TV shows, and latest videos in 4K resolution * from Netflix, YouTube, and tons of entertainment apps with auto resolution enhancement for the sharpest picture possible.

Enhanced graphics on any TV
Enjoy a more powerful gaming experience with PS4 Pro-enhanced games, even if you don't play on a 4K TV. Oversampling mode renders games at the highest possible resolution and uses that extra visual information in certain titles to deliver smoother curves, sharper edges, and sharper detail when adapting the image to an HD TV.


Share Play at 1080p
Invite your friends to enjoy your games with amazing definition.

1080p remote play
Stream games to all your compatible devices at an unusual level of detail.

Enhanced Wi-Fi
Choose between 2.4 and 5 GHz modes to match the speed of your broadband connection.


Clearer lines and sharper corners add more realism to games.

Visual effects
The visuals of the games show very realistic movement and details.

Longer graphics distances
The horizon is seen even further with better focus and greater clarity on distant objects.


Brightly colored textures
Close-up details are more intricate to offer a greater sense of realism in games.

Deep shadows
The darkest, deepest and cleanest shades offer an incredible sense of depth in the farthest views.

High fidelity resources
More intricate high-resolution images can be displayed with PS4 Pro, which means gaming environments become more complex, detailed, and realistic.

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